People who have found their last MLM Valentus has gone badly wrong, are leaving and looking for a new opportunity. A lot of them have stumbled across Xerveo.

2017-09-18 (7)_LI.jpg

Xerveo are based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

People who have been in Valentus should be being extra careful that the company they work for now is fully above board and registered. They all go on about ‘being registered’ and criticise people for being in companies that are not properly registered, i.e. the products should be registered for resale and the company registered at Companies House.

Let’s see how well Xerveo are ‘registered’ and if they comply with UK laws.

Is the company registered with Companies House to legitimately trade in the UK and pay relevant taxes etc? I looked it up on Companies House.

2017-09-18 (17).png

The Registered address is a residential address. That’s ok though, that’s allowed. Maybe the business address is somewhere else? Let’s find out where their distribution centre is. That’s got to be a nice big warehouse somewhere, or a building on an industrial estate?

2017-09-18 (19).png

There’s the distribution centre. Parcel Distribution Centre, 2 Harold Road, Margate. It looks like Xerveo and Parcel Distribution Centre have the same director.

2017-09-18 (22)2017-09-18 (23)


Let’s have a look at the distribution centre.

2017-09-18 (25).png

There it is! Nice settee.

(Edited 19th Sept 2017). Actually, the house with the settee is probably not the right address. The garage to the left of it is listed as number 8-12. Moving further to the left is a building with ‘Darwin Court’ written on it. This is a care home for the elderly and is the first property on the street. It looks like number 2 would refer to that building. Which is more unlikely than the house with the settee outside it. Paul Holtham was only born in 1971. I don’t think he is operating a business from his care home room.

I’ve done a little more digging and found there are 30 businesses with this address. There’s quite a lot of entrepreneurs in that care home! The postcode for Harold Road, Margate, Kent is CT9 2HT. I had another look at the website for Xerveo that had the Distribution centre address on. It gave the post code as CT10 2DT. Ah ha, I thought, I had the address wrong! But I didn’t. CT10 2DT is Salisbury Avenue, Kent.

Is 2 Harold Road Margate a made up address that businesses use? I have no idea. If anyone has any thoughts on the issue I would love to hear them.


Let’s look at the products and the claims that go with them.

2017-09-18 (9).png

The Physician’s Desk Reference book does not mean anything. Companies pay to have their products put in it. It is useful for doctors to know what is in a product when their patients tell them what they have been ingesting. It is not an endorsement of a product.

Here are the ingredients

2017-09-18 (27)

Let’s have a look at the 2 ingredients there that are being touted as healthy.

Can Ganoderma Lucidem mushroom stand up to all the claims above? The claims that are allowed to be made in the European Union are listen on a database.

2017-09-18 (29)

This shows us that there has been one claim for the mushroom that has been examined and it was found to not be true. There are no allowable health claims for these mushrooms. The advert with the mushroom picture on it is not allowed under EU law. it looks like the official advert was made in the US where these claims might be allowed. It is a UK seller that is copying the advert and spreading it.

Hopefully Xerveo will be watching the adverts produced by their reps and put an end to it. They should be telling their EU reps not to make any health claims at all for this mushroom.

Maqui berry did not appear on the register at all. Therefore, no health claims are allowed in the EU for this ingredient either.


For some reason, the reps think that their coffee can help with losing weight. Look at this advert that has been spread over Facebook.

2017-09-18 (11)_LI.jpg

There are a lot of rules about what weight loss claims can be made. These rules are in the CAP. There is a good article by the Advertising Standards Authority that explains the rules in an easily understood format. The rules being broken by the above advert are-

  • Weight loss cannot be claimed for a food/supplement if it is not on the register of allowable claims.
  • Signed and dated proof should be held by an advertiser when before and after photos are used, as well as robust evidence that the weight loss was as a result of using the product. Passing photos around on the internet is not acceptable.
  • “health claims that refer to a rate or amount of weight loss are not permitted in relation to food or food supplements, Rule 13.10.1 and 15.6.6). It is unacceptable to advertise that those who are overweight (but not obese) have lost more than 2lbs a week”.

So, Xerveo sellers, are you happy with your products? Are you breaking any rules do you think? Are you breaking the law?

If anyone wants to make a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority about any adverts they have seen in the UK that breach the rules, please visit the ASA complaints page.

Just to clarify, I am not saying that it is illegal to sell Xerveo coffee if it is just sold as a coffee. What IS illegal, is selling it with any health or weight loss claims. No one is selling Xerveo as coffee, everyone is touting it as a product that will do all sorts to your health. It is essentially just a coffee with some additives that do nothing for you. The company will be doing nothing wrong by supplying it to you, but you will be breaking the law for selling it as a supplement or medicine, or claiming it can do anything to your health.


More information has been uncovered about this company. To avoid confusion I have created a new post. Click on this link to view it.


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      1. Thank you email sent to botwatchblog and i loom forwards to seeing an ammended blog now email proof we are legal in the UK, USA and Canada and NFR in Auss and NZ 🐺


      2. Only just saw these comm3nts apologies so we onow NFR is personal consumption right and retail and reps is selling and recruiting so the email states where we are personal consumption and where we are allowed to retail for reps 💖 no option to attatch here so i will look for the email mine is martin.p.glover@hotmail.com


  1. The registered address is for the accountant, hence there being more than one business registered there. I would presume you know that this is pretty standard for companies to be registered at their accountants address


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