Oh Xerveo, what next?

I’ve written twice about Xerveo-

Xerveo– In this post I looked at the company’s registration at Companies House and tried to find the distribution centre. I looked at the illegal health claims being made for the coffee by the reps.

Xerveo updated– In this post, I was still searching for the distribution centre and discovered it was the registered owner of Xerveo’s house. The missing coffee orders was looked at and people are still puzzled over where their coffee is.

The people unlucky enough to have been involved in Xerveo are becoming increasingly upset at the difficulty they are having obtaining the truth. Let’s have a look at some of the issues.

1. Is the product licenced for resale in the UK?

I have been told by reps that it is and they have evidence. They’ll get me the evidence. They’ll find it in a minute. Oh, it was on my other phone and I can’t get it now. I’m sure it’s ok, my upline told me it was ok.

Has anyone actually got any real evidence? Someone asked the bosses about the licence in a Xerveo group discussion. (My spies are everywhere)


“Yeah….you don’t worry about certification….focus on building”. I don’t know about you but I’m not convinced. The rep was worried enough and suspicious enough to question certification and they were brushed off. Told to bring more people into the company, spending more of their money and making Xerveo more profits.

2. How safe is the coffee?

The coffee apparently is only supposed to be consumed once a day. It says so on the packet I am told. Then Jun Lee, one of the two bosses in the UK puts this information on Facebook-

2017-10-04 (2).png

This information concerns a few of the reps as they have previously been told people can only have one sachet a day safely. It says on the box.


2017-10-04 (4)

So it doesn’t matter. After all, maybe they can sell twice as much coffee this way?

3. The new CEO of Xerveo in America.

Recently, there has been a handover of power in America from someone called Argo to James Wiggins. Is it the same James Wiggins that got in trouble with the law a few years ago? If it is the same man, I hope he has changed his ways.

2017-10-04 (8)


4. Why is no one getting paid?

Since the company ‘went binary’ a few months ago, no one has been paid from it. People have been promised they will get paid on 5th October. That’s tomorrow. I’ll be watching. Please let me know if you get paid, reps.

Someone told me that bonuses weren’t being paid even before this. Where has all the money gone from reps’ purchases? There is no coffee even to show for it.


5. Ask questions and you get fired. Even though you are an independent business person.

Fiona asked some questions of the UK boss, Paul Holtham and a US boss Jan Lee. Have a look at the live she did, explaining what happened to her. Start watching at 7 minutes if you want to get straight to the details.


Here is the text she was sent, firing her.

2017-10-04 (7)

She still has not been told what rules she broke.

6. Evidence Xerveo is an illegal pyramid scheme.

2017-10-04 (6).png

People in this scheme have to have an automatic shipment of products sent to them every month to be eligible for payments. They are the customers. It is questionable whether the coffee can be sold to real customers. This makes it an illegal pyramid scheme.

Alarm bells should be ringing in all reps’ ears if they are obliged to buy the product themselves. Surely they should be able to buy what they want for themselves, or even not buy anything at all for themselves?


People have to buy coffee for themselves, no coffee is arriving. Coffee might not be for resale. Questioning will get you fired, no one gets paid. Illegal pyramid scheme.


Are there any Xerveo reps reading this that want to add their experiences in the comments below? Have any of you experienced any of this? You can comment anonymously. Does anyone want to warn people about joining this scheme?

Update (5th October)

Marty Glover, a rep for Xerveo has been saying he has proof that Xerveo have the correct licensing for retail in the UK. Here it is-

2017-10-05 (1)

I will endeavour to check this out. Watch this space. I have contacted both Xerveo and the Food Standards Agency to try and clear this matter up properly.

I haven’t heard directly from anyone who has had a coffee delivery or been paid today (5th October). I would have thought people would want to prove me wrong if they had either of these things and tell me about it. But…..

2017-10-05 (4)

I’ve been given excuses though.

2017-10-05 (3)

This explanation from the rep is quite sad. He’s not been paid as he should have been. He’s been given ‘points’ instead and he’s happy because most companies like this are much worse. It sounds like he is used to being treated quite badly and is resigned to being happy with any payment or excuse he is given. He’s happy with the integrity of a company that isn’t paying its workforce and has no products available to sell. All they have are excuses.

14 thoughts on “Oh Xerveo, what next?

  1. The way I’ve been treated was very unfair and kicked out of groups! I asked questions and nothing matches to the terms and conditions. Fobbed off all the time. 1 big joke is stay away! I just got told to keep bringing people in…. What to fill their own pockets!! Joke


    1. I feel sorry for you. They have fooled a lot of people and still reciting when they’ve had no stock for the last 4 week. I’m owed money, but I’ll never get it. If you need a chat, feel free to contact me.


  2. I only got paid on the few people i signed up. I got told i was in a good position in the binary and it never showed, nor did any volume and just got told oh placement isnt done yet were too busy!


    1. Not now as of 2 days ago… there’s no option in the back office to close it and emailing corporate is a nightmare. I emailed about 7 times before getting a response although me emails were aknowelegded. I think its disgusting how me and my team got treated and gow i got spoken to from another upline. And the VP completely ignored me too!


  3. It took me nearly 2 weeks to a) get a full refund for my order that never showed up and b) finally close my account.
    Shakira helped me way more than my upline did, as far as I’m aware, he’s still selling this poison….I was using the Trim and Gano Balance and I’ve never felt so ill 🤢
    I was dizzy, feint and nauseous and was told to just keep drinking water when I questioned anything. Besides which, the bloody stuff didn’t shift a single pound!!
    I’m glad I’m out, I’m glad it’s all over, I’m glad I can now stop stressing and am no longer feeling sickly all the time.


  4. All the Valentus reps who’ve been bullied and absolutely slated by reps from xerveo or people who left us to go to xerveo and all along they are NFR themselves, Valentus is 21 days away from fully launching in the Uk with approved products available for resale, lets hope everyone realises its not a better company and we stop getting hassle like we have been


    1. It never looks good when an MLM is slated by people from another one, especially if the aim is to gloat or increase the flow of recruits to them.

      I think that, once a problem is unearthed about one company, people in others would do well to check their own and learn, not to just rub salt into the wounds of people caught up in a less than ideal situation.

      Ideally, of course, when problems are exposed, people should be questioning the whole system and all the other things they have been told that might not be true.


  5. Why do people always flock to the next “new” mlm? Never quite understood that. The legacy companies tend to try follow the rules closer, don’t make outlandish claims, and come into markets properly so they don’t get shut down.

    (Edited to remove self-promotion.)


  6. Jun Lee is a scam artist. They sent a batch of produce out to the UK with only half the amount in the sachets. After they got caught doing this Jun Lee did a zoom call for the reps which he stated they had ” changed the ingredients”. After a short period of time it came to light they had not infact changed ingredients and it was a ” manufacturer error”. We all know that is a lie also and they tried to get away with giving people half the product. I have so much I could say about this company. It has ruined people’s lives!


  7. absolute joke of a company!!
    latest is that they are “merging” with Vida? so were they truly legit in the first place? were they actually NFR in the UK? the excuse of “not being ready for the influx of distributors” is absolute bull! if they have a warehouse and product at least some of us would be getting some deliveries!! im still waiting from the 29th August! (a chargeback from the bank is being processed now after my emails requesting a refund and asking where my products are, were ignored!!

    no products, No distribution Warehouse which we were assured, no payments, nothing!!!


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