Vida Divina in trouble again.

I have written about Vida Divina before. Have a read of this post on their illegal selling of Melatonin, a prescription only drug.

Many people were concerned about Vida selling Melatonin in the UK as it is a prescription only drug. Complaints were made to the MHRA (The official body that regulates medicines and medical equipment in the UK) and most of the reps stopped selling it. The MHRA informed me that these sales should end once the current reps had offloaded them.

The MHRA did not stop at the Melatonin investigation. They looked at their other products and found that many of them breached UK medicines or food law. The US company were contacted by the MHRA and told that their reps were breaking the law and they must stop. Vida responded, saying that they would stop supplying the UK distributors until it could make their products compliant.

To make the products compliant, some of them would need to be relabelled and have the health claims restricted to legal ones. According to the MHRA, the US company have not reported back on any changes made. It seems they are still supplying the UK reps with non compliant products, opening them up to legal action and a visit from Trading Standards, as per what happened to Valentus reps.

It is not just non compliant labelling and health claims that we need to be concerned about. One of the products contains DHEA which is a class C drug in the UK.


DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is an adrenal steroid that is made in the body and is turned into male or female hormones. It can be synthetically made from plants. Read WebMD for information on what it is used for. It is a potent substance and is banned in atheletes as it can affect their performance. No wonder Vida would want to put this product in their coffee. I expect it would make the drinker feel revitalised. However, as with any effective drug, there are many side effects.

Among these are-

It is harmful in pregnancy;

affects diabetes;

affects conditions that are sensitive to hormones;

cholesterol problems;

liver problems and

psychiatric side effects.

Class C drugs

DHEA is considered a class C drug under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. You are not allowed to possess, sell or give away class C drugs. You could be arrested and punished if you do. The punishment for possession is up to 2 years in prison. If you are caught selling it, the punishment is much worse. You could go to prison for up to 14 years

14 years!

and have an unlimited fine. In practice though, you are more likely to be dealt with in the magistrate’s court where you can go to prison for 6 months and/or a £5000 fine.

The product in question is a supplement called ‘Ripped’.


Let’s hope no reps have stockpiled this product. The more product someone has in their possession, the higher the potential prison sentence.

Vida Divina have previously said that their products are not for resale in the UK, but are ok for personal use.

2017-09-26 (3)

This raises two concerns-

1. If you join a direct selling scheme but have no products to directly sell, it could be an illegal pyramid scheme.

2. You could go to prison just for possessing ‘Ripped’. If you try and sell it, you are officially a drug dealer.

What to do if you are in Vida Divina

The MHRA say that Vida Divina’s products should not be sold, supplied or advertised in the U.K. You should not be telling people to buy it from your website. You cannot be giving free samples.

If you decide to persevere and continue ordering products for personal consumption, consider this. These products have not been tested properly and the MHRA are concerned that they do not know if they are safe.

If you want to use supplements, buy them from a proper retailer that has the relevant legal paperwork and that you know is safe.

Is it worth the risk to your health and criminal record to get involved with Vida Divina?


Source of information

Here is the email that was sent to a concerned observer from the MHRA.



If anyone sees Vida Divina reps saying their products are legal to sell in the U.K., please send a screenshot or link to Botwatch and we will pass it onto the MHRA to help their investigations.

6 thoughts on “Vida Divina in trouble again.

  1. They also have a product call ‘Sleep N Lose’ which contains Melanin – In the UK, all forms of Melatonin are prescription-only medicines, and are legally only available from a pharmacy when they have been prescribed by a registered doctor. Vida Divina reps selling this product in the UK are breaking the law also and leaving themselves liable to arrest, prosecution, fine, jail and a criminal record that can ruin their lives thereafter.
    Seems like a pretty big risk to take when there are plenty of other MLM’s they could work with legally instead.


    1. Yes, the Melatonin is the focus of the first Vida post I did. This article links to it at the beginning. There shouldn’t be much of it left now as Vida told MHRA they would stop sending it to the UK.


  2. Hi, I would like to say the products your referring to have not been on sale for months and won’t be returning either. People who keep bringing Vida down are either jealous or don’t know anything.
    Vida do not sell or are selling illegal products and if you think they are then I suggest you get fact right first. As it’s these lies that ruin people lives and businesses

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ‘Not been on sale for months’. This means they were for sale. Vida have not been following the rules. I am laying out the rules here so that people do not make the mistakes that they have been doing.

      I am not jealous of Vida. What would I be jealous of? I don’t understand.

      I don’t ‘know nothing’. What I have said is correct.


  3. Your information is outdated . Yes vida were advertising but as soon as it became aware of the situation all those products you mentioned have not been available for sale since the summer .

    Also all labels and packaging on products been sold now are completely compliant and have been approved by the health authorities. You really should get more updated information before posting and same with those emails they are very old . And no doubt sent from a disgruntled affiliate


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