USI Tech, what’s going on?


Recently USI Tech have caught my attention. First, a relative of an USI Tech member contacted me to share her concerns. She said she was very worried about her relative’s involvement in the scheme as she seemed to have had a personality transplant and was now obsessed with the company. The concerned relative couldn’t find much about it so turned to me for help. As always, once something is on my radar, I start noticing it when it appears and my concern and curiosity are piqued.

I have decided to document anything USI Tech related here so that all the upto date information will be easy to find if you are concerned about this particular MLM. This is particularly important when you realises a Face Book group dedicated to exposing the company disappeared suddenly. The information needs to be preserved. Please send me any information you think should be included.

If you would like to see, join or follow the new face book group, go and have a look here.

Ethan Vanderbuilt has written about USI Tech in this blog post. Unsuprisingly, he considers it to be a scam (in his opinion). He has concluded it is a Ponzi scheme because people earn money when they get others to pay to join it. He looks into the people behind the scheme and where the company is actually located. It seems it may not be straightforward. The founders have a past of financial dodgyness, involving the authorities and people being arrested.

Here is USI Tech’s website.They are in the UK, regularly putting on seminars to try and recruit people. They claim to have a special programme (robot) that can trade in cryptocurrencies and magically make loads of money for investors easily.

2017-12-24 (1)

Here are some things that have been going on with the company.

December 15th 2017 British Columbia residents are warned not to invest in USI Tech as they do not have the necessary registrations.


December 19th 2017 Ash, a crypto expert blogs about USI Tech and details the problems he sees with the company. He attended a recruitment event and analyses what is said there. The comments after this article are worth a read.

December 20th 2017. The Texas State Securities Board warn against investing in the company. They issued a cease and desist order because they are not properly registered in Texas and are breaking lots of rules. They state that USI Tech claim to be regulated by the FTC but this is blatantly untrue. Ethan Vanderbuilt examines this development. Here are the documents detailing the order.

2017-12-24 (2)

December 21st 2017  Nova Scotia’s securities commission warns people that it is illegal to run schemes in the way USI Tech are doing.

December 23rd 2017 The Financial and Consumer Services Commission of New Brunswick have warned against any involvement with the company. They call it an illegal investment scam and encourage people to report them. This is on their website

2017-12-24 (3).png

December 24th 2017 Manitoba Securities Commisssion in Canada warns against USI Tech and states that companies offering high returns at low risk are often signs of fraud. They ask for people who have been involved with USI-Tech to contact them.

Which country will warn against USI Tech next? Will anyone get in trouble over it? Will people start coming forward about money they lost in this scheme? Any information, please contact me.

7 thoughts on “USI Tech, what’s going on?



    1. I hope you get your money back but realistically this is unlikely. The authorities think it is a Ponzi scheme and when these collapse, people lose their money. If they are investigated and the authorities sieze assets, they can sometimes pay back those that lost money. You will probably have to make a claim for it at some point so keep an eye on USI-Tech news. You could join the anti USI Tech Facebook group to keep up to date.


      1. When you deposit BTC with USITech and purchase a package for 50 Euros, you accept a contract that will run for 7 months. You may buy as many packages as you desire and many or most people buy enough packages that will accumulate earnings and facilitate the automatic re-buy of additional packages. You are
        not required to use the automatic re-buy option. This means that your earnings will added to your balance and can be withdrawn at any time. This is guaranteed, and I have never been made aware of anyone NOT getting the withdrawal they requested. So, just why are some people so quick to call USITech a scam?
        IF you set your options for 100% re-buy, it is trur, your money is locked in for 7 months, or until you disable the automatic re-buy and start collecting your earnings in your wallet balance and withdraw it.
        USITech requires all members who wish to become an affiliate and earn commissions, to read and agree to
        abide by the strict rules promulgated by USITech. The shutdown of operations in the USA and Canada was
        caused by affiliates who abused and/or disregarded those rules and operated illegally. They advertised illegally and lied to potential members until their illegal activities were reported to the legal authorities. The
        only thing USITech could do was obey the cease and desist order and then do an internal audit to determine
        who the criminals are that caused their own detriment. Hopefully, those abusers/criminals will be punished
        and will be the ones to suffer the loss they deserve.
        All affiliates were warned when they joined USITech that abuse of rules would not be tolerated. However,
        they seemed to double down and increase their illegal actions. We were warned NEVER to tell a potential
        menber anything about the amount of money they could possibly earn by joining USITech. Instead, we are
        told to refer questions about possible earnings directly to the company. Those questions would be answered
        directly, as they are given on the official USITech website: The payout you receive will depend on the number
        of packages you purchase and the amount of compounding you choose. We strive to deliver a payout of 1%
        per day on each working package, however, this amount is never guaranteed because the actual number of
        trades made varies so the desired daily profit may not be realized. This, obviously, is not a get-rich-quick
        scheme but some affiliates exaggerated the profit potential and blatently lied to potential members to take
        advantage of their greedy nature and make them eager to join USITech.
        I am left to wonder why any reasonable, intelligent witness to these facts can accuse USITech of being a scam or a fraud when the company is clearly not at fault. And the company has never been accused by a
        member of not having honored a withdrawal request in a timely manner or for not paying a legally earned
        commission. Any fool can stand on a rooftop and scream scam, but where is the proof?


      2. It was my understanding that USI Tech were asked to prove they weren’t a Ponzi scheme. When the deadline approached, they shut down.

        How many packs have you invested and how much money was that? When do they expire? I want to speak to you again on that date and see if you are able to get your money back.


  2. You should know that any BTC packages bought from USITech must run for at least 7 months if you elect to make the maximum profit by compounding. However, that doesn’t mean that you must withdraw at that time. I fully intend
    to ignore the 140 days and to continue doing re-buys until I reach the point where I can withdraw a desired amount
    and only buy more packages to maintain the desired amount I wish to withdraw. This will not be any time soon. But
    if you wish to know of my success or failure, you can contact me: greenspider 43 at yahoo dot com for info. Or,
    you can simply give USITech a chance and enjoy your own profits. Buenas dias, mi amigo


  3. Usi Have switched to btc packs 2.0 they claim to have migrated everything but I missing 4 packs and have the evidence including package ID’s I wonder is there an authority in UK I can report them to, I know it was a risk but to be clearly not returning packs is not about the money that is clear diversion of funds I have screen shots before shutdown affecting uk and after relaunch so in my opinion may not be a scam but definitely fraudulent activity.


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