What we do here

This blog came about from an online discussion on a parenting forum called ‘Mumsnet’ (Google ‘Mumsnet money matters’ and look for a thread with the title ‘MLM Bot Watch)  about Multilevel Marketing or Network Marketing. We were chatting about our experiences and observations of companies like Herbalife, Forever Living and JuicePlus+. We very quickly became concerned at what we were discovering. It became apparent that we needed to fight back by informing the public about what was going on. We also carried out investigations and took some action. This thread is still active and anyone is welcome to join in the chat. Don’t worry about repeating old ground, it will be new to some people.

Bot Watch became established on FaceBook where links were shared and people turned for help. Many people from within NM/MLM and their loved ones have sought help in making sense of their situation. You are welcome to come here to share your stories or discuss matters confidentially. Reporters are also welcome to come for advice or information on stories they might be writing about the subject.

A Twitter account called @MLMBotWatch was set up to monitor what is going on in the MLM world and to help spread awareness of the dangers of MLMs. Follow us to watch the action unfolding.

At the same time Bot Watch was developing, another keyboard warrior team sprung into action called Timeless Vie (get it?). They were also born from the Mumsnet discussion. They have set up a Facebook page, blog and Twitter account(@TimelessVie). TV and BW work closely together and have the same aims. If you enjoy reading Bot Watch, you will love Timeless Vie. Why don’t you join their amazing opportunity? You could start at the bottom as a flappy pigeon or pay £999,999 to become a structured soaring sparrow straight away.

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