24th September 2017

Here at Bot Watch, we are hoping to do two things-

  1. Raise money for anti MLM activities such as making leaflets, a legal fund, advertising and any other activities that crop up. All money raised will go on anti MLM activity and will not be kept as a profit.
  2. Provide educational and/or funny items to help spread the MLM message.


We are thinking stickers, phone cases, bags, mugs, flasks, badges (buttons in the US) and magnets, and more.

Imagine having an anti-MLM mug in a workplace where there may be MLM reps lurking. Give them a message! Have a phone case or bag to stimulate discussion from friends so the subject of MLMs can be brought up and a discussion started with people who may not have heard of these companies.


We would like you to enter our competition to design an image for the range. Entries will be showcased on this page and winners chosen after a good amount of entries have been received. Not sure exactly when this will be, so get your entries in soon.

The prize will be a mug with your design on.


No company names or logos allowed.

Artwork must be your own and not subject to copyright.

More than one entry allowed per person.

Can be funny, rude, educational.

If chosen as a winner, your payment will be a mug with your design on.

The winning image/ images will become the property of Bot Watch, for us to do with as we see fit.

Entries can be a picture, prose, logo or meme.

A week’s notice will be given before the end of the competition to allow last minute entries. This will be on Twitter, this page and FaceBook. See logos at the top of this website to subscribe to these.

Images can be emailed to or submitted through facebook.


Good luck, I look forward to seeing your entries.




Here are some entries so far-






no thanks, hun

I don’t want to buy or sell any of that sh*t, hun