Can You Help?

Have you got any useful information on an MLM story you think needs addressing? Do you have screenshots, a personal story, a serious concern about something? Please contact Bot Watch with any newsworthy stories and we will see what can be done. Maybe it could go in a post here, maybe it needs reporting to the authorities or maybe we can get it in the press.

Email in confidence to

Your anonymity is always guaranteed here. We will not pass on details without your explicit consent.

Current help needed



Are you in Scotland and been having a bad time in an MLM? I have a reporter looking for a story. Please contact us and we can put you in touch.


Utility Warehouse


Have you had a bad experience in Utility warehouse? There is a researcher on BBC’s Rip Off Britain looking for people who have left Utility warehouse and want to tell of their bad experiences. We can put you in touch for a chat to see if it is something you can help with.


Bot Watchers

If you have been in an MLM and would be interested in being added to a database of Bot Watchers, that would be great. I’m thinking you might be willing to do interviews, provide information, be able to answer my questions, hand over screenshots or information. You could let me know briefly what your experience is and what level of help you would be willing to be involved with. You may never be called upon, or you could be the person that provided crucial evidence. I may just need to ask a simple question about a technical aspect of your MLM.

It isn’t just ex-MLM people that could help me. Maybe you lost a friend or family member or have an interest in MLMs. You might be willing to share your story or answer questions. Maybe you’d be willing to post questions in groups or ask MLM companies things for me. I might need help with tasks sometimes. Let me know what sort of help you might be able to provide.

Your identity will always be protected.